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Italian Mortgages - Overview of Mortgages in Italy

Overview of Italian Mortgages

Details of the mortgages available can be seen below, however, please bear in mind that this is just a brief overview, for more information, please contact us:

Explination of Terms

LTV refers to "Loan to Value" and this is the percentage of mortgage to purchase price or valuation that is possible. For example, 60% LTV would mean a maximum loan of €120,000 for a purchase price of €200,000

DTI is used in affordability calculations. It refers to "Debt to Income" ratio. A 33% DTI ratio means that the lender will allow a maximum of a third of your income to be used to repay all loans, mortgages and rent (including the new mortgage)

Our Mortgage Services:

When you complete our simple enquiry form, we will be able to work out how much you can borrow and it will help you budget for your purchase in Italy. This quotation is totally free and confidential.

We also offer a more in depth pre-qualification service that will enable us to approach lenders on your behalf and obtain a non-binding agreement in principle for you.