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Italian Mortgages - Customer Reviews

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Stephen B

Tuesday, 19. July 2022

I really do appreciate your work - a great experience for us. Our dream simply wouldn’t have happened without you.

Kevin M

Friday, 12. November 2021

Hi Stephen . Once again thank you for your hard work with the mortgage.

Arlene C

Wednesday, 22. May 2020

Hi Stephen,
It was quite a challenge these last couple of months, but you did such an excellent job keeping everything and everyone involved on course!
Thank you so much for all of your help to make my dream of living in Italy come true!

Ksenia C

Saturday, 18. August 2018

Very grateful to you for helping my sister and me to get the most beautiful apartment in the fabulous Campione place! Just THANK YOU one more time!
I really appreciate how smoothly you walked us through the whole process and made our dream come true.
Highly appreciate your great cooperation and happy to stay in contact.

Peter D

Monday, 22. February 2016

Hi there – it’s all been a bit hectic as you might imagine.
But Yes – it all went very smoothly on the day. Very interesting process with far more care being taken to ensure that we understood what we were signing up to than you’d get in England.

In fact, I’d have to say that overall – and with the benefit of hindsight and the thing now being finalised – the whole process went very smoothly indeed. I think we were very much helped by having three excellent professional advisors in the Agent, our lawyer, and of course your good self. Not that I think I’d want to be repeating it (or need to be repeating it) any time soon, but I thought it went well.
when we’re both next in the Garda area you could drop in for a glass of prosecco or cappuccino to say thank you properly).


Wednesday, 15. April 2015

Hi Stephen,
many thanks for all your help, I do not think we would have manged this without your invaluable help. knowledge and assistance.
I would recommend your company to anyone else should you ever need it.

Roselyn B

Tuesday, 4. December 2021

Can't thank you enough. You go beyond the call of duty. Service second to none. Many many thanks.
I'm now the proud owner of a farmhouse in Tuscany.