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Italian Mortgages - Mortgage Calculator

An Alternative to a Traditional Mortgage:


For some people, a traditional mortgage just isn’t possible or desirable.
For this reason we have teamed up with the only specialist firm in Italy that is totally focused on providing Rent-to-Buy options for foreigner nationals and non-residents.
Outline Details:
  • Buyer has the right to immediately live in the property as a tenant with option to complete the purchase at a later date
  • A down-payment is paid to the seller at the start
  • The remaining monthly payments are structured so that a significant proportion contribute towards the purchase price and a small proportion contribute towards rent of the property
  • Buyer has the right to finalize the purchase at any time by paying the whole of the purchase price
  • Final deed (purchase) must take place within 10 years
Benefits of the Scheme:
  • Immediate use of property
  • Possibility of sub-letting the property to help finance the monthly installments
  • No mortgage underwriting, application, contracts, interest to pay
  • No mortgage tax to pay (currently 2% of the loan amount)

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