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Foreign Exchange with Smart Currency

If you’re planning a viewing trip to Italy, then our friends at Smart Currency Exchange have some important information for you.

Planning for an overseas property purchase can be trickier than buying at home. Volatile and unpredictable exchange rates are just one of the hazards facing you.

It’s not unusual for the value of your pounds in euros to change by 1% over the course of a day, or over a month by as much as 5 or even 10%. That makes budgeting distinctly difficult, especially when at the start of your journey.

This is why you’ll find their handy pre-viewing trip guide to buying in Italy below for download.

If you’re setting out on a viewing-trip in the coming months, then register with Smart for free below.
Pre-Viewing Trip Guide

Download the Handy Guide to Foreign Exchange before you arranging your viewing Trip

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